Quarter of Beef

If you don’t want a whole beef or a full side of beef, no problem! We also offer equal quarters of Scottish Highlander beef. It’s a great option if you are limited on freezer space. If you live alone or with a small family, it’s the perfect amount to get you through a good part of the year!

*A Quarter beef is approximately 100lbs of ready-to-cook, take home and grill it, bake it, fry it, smoke it… but don’t you dare throw it in the microwave, quality Scottish Highlander Beef!


6 X New York Strip Steaks, 6 X Bone-in Ribeye Steaks, 1 X Tenderloin Steak, 7 X Sirloin Steak, 4 X Tenderized Round, 4 X Cube Steaks, 1 Skirt Steak, and 1 Flank Steak.

*Quantities and cuts may vary, call for more details.


1 X Chuck Roast, 1 X English Roast, 1 X Rump Roast, and 1 X Brisket

*Quantities and cuts may vary, call for more details.

Ground Beef

92% Lean Ground Beef. It’s very lean and flavorable ground beef in 1 pound packages, and or 1/3 /lb pre-made beef patties.

Other Meats

Stew, Kabob or Fajita Meat: Lean cubes of meat in ~1 lb packages. You also get Short Ribs for barbequing or your crock pot.

Quarter of Finished Beef $9.25 /LB

Don’t get fooled into paying “less” from people who charge based on hanging weight.  The hanging weight is the weight of the carcass before it is processed into individual cuts. Your take home, ready to cook meat will be approximately 35% less than what you pay for, depending on many variables including the quality of the meat.

We charge $9.25 per pound of ready to take home and throw on the grill beef.

Do you have questions or are you ready to order?

Whether you’re ready to order or if you just have a few questions, please pick up the phone and call us or if you prefer, email us. We look forward to hearing from you!