Whole Beef

Purchasing a whole beef (4 quarters or 2 sides) offers the best value.  If you don’t have the freezer space for a whole beef, that’s okay. Get together with your family, friends, neighbors or co-workers and share a whole beef.  

Want to take it a step further?  You can also pre-select one of our Scottish Highlanders still out at pasture.  

*Whole beef is approximately 400lbs of ready-to-cook, take home beef. About a years worth of beef for a (Non-Vegetarian) family.


24 X NY Strip Steaks, 24 X Bone-in Ribeye Steaks, 4 X Tenderloin Steak, 28 X Sirloin Steak, 16 X Tenderized Round, 16 X Cube Steaks, and 4 Flank State.

*Quantities and cuts may vary, call for more details.


4 X Chuck Roast, 4 X English Roast, 4 X Rump Roast, 4 X Brisket

*Quantities and cuts may vary, call for more details.

Ground Beef

92% Lean Ground Beef. It’s very lean and flavorable ground beef in 1 pound packages, and or 1/3 /lb pre-made beef patties.

Other Meats

Stew, Kabob or Fajita Meat: Lean cubes of meet in ~1 lb packages. You also get Short Ribs for barbequing or your crock pot.

Great Quality Beef. Great Price.

We charge per finished pound. Make sure you don’t get fooled by other ranchers with cheaper prices. If they are charging for hanging weight, you’re paying for the fat, bone, and waste that the butcher throws away while getting to the finished meat.

Call For a Pricing

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If you live in Colorado, please give us a call and set up a time to come visit the ranch. We’re happy to show you around and answer any questions you may have. We’re in Silverthorne, Colorado, a quick drive from the city and we’re on the way to Vail.