Welcome to High Country Highlands

My name is Leonard R. Causland, owner, and rancher at High country Highlands.  I am originally from a farming community in Goshen, New York. I moved here to Summit County, Colorado 35 years ago and since then have had the pleasure of calling this beautiful state my home.  Here at High Country Highlands, we are a small group of ranchers and a very close family.

Our committed team here at the ranch is made up of four:

Leonard R. Causland
Owner: High Country Highlands
Originally from a farm community in Goshen, New York
35 year resident of Summit County, CO.

Beau Nulik
Owner: B & R Cattle Company
Originally from a farm community in Harper, Kansas
9 year resident of Summit County, CO.

Renei Bohrer
Owner: B & R Cattle Company
Lifelong resident of Summit County, CO

Buy locally, it’s good for you.

Our team works together daily to continue to keep Maryland Creek Ranch one of the few remaining true working ranches of the Blue River valley.  We are committed to carrying on the rich history and tradition of the ranch in harvesting hay and running cattle as the pioneers did at this same ranch over 100 years ago.  We breed, raise and sell premium, grass-fed, ranch raised beef to our local community and surrounding areas. Take a look at a few of the photos from our ranch.

We also harvest and sell the highest quality Timothy, Mountain Brome, Fescue, and Clover hay to many local Summit County horse owners.  Our passion is Ranching and Agriculture, with all of us growing up with that background, it’s in our blood. We work long hours to help keep this dying trade alive and thriving right here in the Blue River valley. History truly repeats itself, where folks nowadays are looking for a locally grown food source and truly care about what they are eating and where their food comes from.  

Our beef is truly “a cut above” the rest. Our motto is: “Buy locally, it’s good for you”. We take great pride in our ranch operation and will continue to follow in our forefather’s footsteps for as long as we can. It’s a difficult way to make a living but we couldn’t imagine doing anything else with our lives. We feel blessed to be where we are and absolutely love working the land.  We also love the great outdoors here in the “Summit” where we all enjoy hunting, fishing, hiking and backcountry skiing in our free time.

Thanks for visiting our site and we hope you get to taste the flavor of best beef this land has to offer!  We would love if you come down for a visit.

Excerpts from New York Times Best Seller. Real Food Fake Food by Larry Olmsted

“Beef gets a bad health rap, despite the fact that humans by nature are designed to eat meat – and have been eating it longer than most grains and other modern cultivated foods.  But the real problem may not be the beef itself but rather our beef. The fat in the industrial or feedlot beef – what the industry calls conventional beef, because this modern laboratory experiment has become the norm – is much less healthful than it should be. Tue grass-fed and not grain-finished beef is higher in vitamins in A, E, and antioxidants, but most important, it’s higher in “good” omega-3 fats and lower in “bad” omega-6 fats.”

“The problem with grain-finished is that it is off base in a few different ways.  While the grain will drive up the USDA marbling scores, this ranking is not nearly as related to flavor as most people think but instead is based on appearance.  Whereas the Japanese graders rate the quality of fat, we consider only quantity. The steak I got from Causland tasted better than most USDA prime beef I have eaten.

“Causland got married in Scotland in 2000 and, while on his honeymoon, first laid eyes on the odd-looking beasts, a traditional fixture of the rugged Scottish countryside for hundreds of years.  Having only been exposed to American breeds, he was curious, as they are one of the few varieties where both male and females sport matching horns. An amiable, outgoing son of the Old West, he approached local farmers, made inquiries, and liked what he heard.

“I guarantee no other rancher is going to open the gate and let you pet his bulls”, said Leo Causland.

“We started with four animals, and all the attributes they told me were true.  They are just perfectly suited to this environment. We are at about 9000 feet here and get a lot of snow, and all the other people who raise cattle have to move them in the winter, but not us.  These guys stay here all year round. Because they have such thick, warm coats, they don’t grow the thick outer band of insulating fat most cattle do, so while they’re only 8% fat, which is low, it is all found in the internal marbling.” Said Leo Causland. “

The result?

“It’s not like dry bison, and it’s different from other beef, almost sweet. They are delicious.”

“Causland now raises the breed exclusively.  He is a member of the Mountain States Highland Cattle Association as well as the American Highland Cattle Association, and has sold breeding stock to farmers all over the country, but these friendly creatures remain very much a niche specialty, and he can’t understand why.”